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SGE101 - Sports Gambling Awareness, A 360 Perspective

Sports Gambling Awareness: A 360° Perspective provides students with an understanding of the critical concepts and considerations surrounding legalized sports gambling in the United States. Course topics include the regulatory landscape, implications of legal & illegal sports gambling, the importance of game integrity & compliance, and the influence in media, entertainment, marketing, and sponsorships.

Graduates of this course will receive a certificate from Ohio University’s AECOM Center for Sports Administration and College of Business. They will be prepared for current and future challenges related to sports gambling, including actionable initiatives that can be implemented in their own institutions and professional lives.

Courses can be taken in any order, but it's recommended to start with 101 and then move on to 201 and 301. Complete all 3 courses and acquire a Master Certificate from OU’s AECOM Center for Sports Administration.

Course Overview

In this course you will learn from several industry professionals who will assist you in learning more about the sports gambling landscape. Their information will be shared in various videos, complete with closed captioning, audio-only podcasts, and written transcriptions of the video lectures. In addition, you will also be able to review downloadable PDFs, access additional resources, and participate in discussion boards. “Sports Gambling Awareness: A 360 Perspective” is divided into five educational modules.

1. The Regulatory Landscape with Sara Slane

Sara Slane is the Founder of Slane Advisory, a private constancy that offers strategic roadmaps, business development and public positioning for all stakeholders of the legalized sports gambling industry. Previously, Sara served as the SVP of public affairs at the American Gaming Association as a renowned industry strategist and spokesperson.

In PASPA (The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act) and the Regulatory Landscape, Sara gives us an overview of the legalized U.S. sports gambling industry. You will learn about PASPA, the post-PASPA landscape, and some of the considerations surrounding integrity and legislation.

2. Legal & Illegal Sports Gambling with Matt Holt & Karl Bennison

This module is led by Matt Holt and Karl Bennison. Matt Holt has decades of experience in the sports wagering and integrity markets and currently serves as the President and Founder of U.S. Integrity, which identifies suspicious behavior by analyzing changes in betting data against a benchmark of normal betting activity. Karl Bennison retired in 2019 as the Chief of the Nevada Gaming Control Board’s (GCB) Enforcement Division. Today he owns and operates Karben Consulting, a firm that offers consulting services in gaming regulation and sports & wagering integrity.

In Implications of Legal & Illegal Sports Gambling, students will learn the different characteristics between legal and illegal sports gambling, including policies, procedures, and enforcement. Topics of game and wagering integrity will also be addressed.

3. Media & Entertainment with Matt Cacciato

Matt Cacciato brings 20+ years of experience from the cable sports television industry to Ohio University's distinguished Department of Sports Administration and now to the Sports Gambling Education program. His past experiences include roles within ESPN, Fox Sports, and the Yankees YES Network.

In this module covering Media & Entertainment, students will gain an understanding of how media in America has followed the development of sports gambling throughout our history. Topics of modern media content, revenue, and viewership will be discussed.

4. Marketing & Sponsorships with Jim Kahler

Jim Kahler is the Director of Sports Gambling Education at Ohio University. An Ohio University alumnus, Jim Kahler returned to his alma mater as executive director of the Center of Sports Administration (CSA) in December of 2005 after developing successful collegiate and corporate programs at Arizona State University, Riverfront Coliseum, St. Louis Arena, and The Cleveland Cavaliers. Kahler is one of the only sports business professors in the country who has over 20 years of practical experience in the field, and over 10 years of experience in academia.

In this module, Jim teaches the elements of sports sponsorship and its connection to legalized sports gambling, specifically how sports marketers can enhance fan engagement via this expanding new vertical.

5. Game Integrity & Compliance with Matt Holt

Matt Holt’s goal at U.S. Integrity (USI) is to help ensure that every sporting competition is fair and transparent. USI partners with some of the largest professional sports leagues and collegiate conferences in the U.S., as well as licensed sports-betting operators and regulators, to ensure sports betting integrity in every play, every game, and every sport. This module gives an overview of game integrity & compliance challenges in the legalized sports wagering industry, and why the role of integrity is important to all stakeholders involved.

Course Title: SGE101 Sports Gambling Awareness, A 360 Perspective

Instructor(s): Matt Holt, Karl Bennison, Sara Slane, Matt Cacciato, Jim Kahler

Format & Length: Self-Paced, 5 Modules, 10 Hours

Instructional Video: 25 Videos, 3 Hours

Course Resources: Videos, Podcasts, Closed Captioning, Lecture Transcriptions, Articles, PDF Guidebook, Interactive Activities

Credential Earned: Certificate of Completion from Ohio University's AECOM Center for Sports Administration

Price: $199

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“The faculty is incredibly knowledgeable. In this course, you learn from people with unparalleled industry experience… What helped me the most was gaining a firmer grasp on the various stakeholders of the industry. This helped me envision where the industry was going, and how I could best fit into it… If you are interested in working in this field, I think this course gives you strong foundational knowledge, and legitimizes your interest in a way that can separate yourself from other candidates.”
- Alex Graham, J.D., Marketing Compliance Specialist at Penn Interactive


Earn a certificate from Ohio University’s AECOM Center for Sports Administration for completing each course and a Master Certificate for achieving all three. Complete your coursework anywhere in the world with EDLumina’s online education platform. Each class features high-quality video lectures and activities, interactive assessments, downloadable resources, and functionality on any computer or smart device. Certification from our Sports Gambling Education program prepares you for future challenges related to sports gambling and demonstrates your commitment to integrity, compliance, and awareness.

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Sports Gambling Awareness, A 360° Perspective

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Certificates achieved in the SGE Program are not credit-bearing and may not be applicable towards degree programs at Ohio University or other institutions of higher learning.
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