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SGE201 - Sports Gambling Integrity Challenges

This course prepares students for the challenges that compliance officers and administrators face in the current landscape of legalized sports gambling. Course topics include evaluating real-world issues, what can go wrong in sports gambling, initiatives after finding the desk of a compliance officer, and the impact on collegiate administrators.

Graduates will receive a certificate from Ohio University’s AECOM Center for Sports Administration and College of Business. They will be further prepared for current and future challenges related to sports gambling, including actionable initiatives that can be implemented in their own institutions and college campuses.

Courses can be taken in any order, but it's recommended to start with 101 and then move on to 201 and 301. Complete all 3 courses and acquire a Master Certificate from OU’s AECOM Center for Sports Administration.

Course Overview

SGE201 Analyzing Sports Gambling Integrity Challenges, is divided into 5 modules focusing on a number of topics surrounding universities and institutions. This includes athletic integrity, compliance, oversight, working with regulators, and best practices for handling sports gambling challenges.

1. Evaluating Real World Issues with Matt Holt & Karl Bennison

This module is led by Matt Holt and Karl Bennison. Matt Holt has decades of experience in the sports wagering and integrity markets and currently serves as the President and Founder of U.S. Integrity, which identifies suspicious behavior by analyzing changes in betting data against a benchmark of normal betting activity. Karl Bennison retired in 2019 as the Chief of the Nevada Gaming Control Board’s (GCB) Enforcement Division. Today he owns and operates Karben Consulting, a firm that offers consulting services in gaming regulation and sports & wagering integrity. This module tackles six key areas: challenges for leagues, teams and universities, insider information rules and regulations, match fixing & point shaving, and challenges for operators, regulators, and oddsmakers.

2. What Can Go Wrong With Matt Holt & Bob Boland

“What Can Go Wrong” is led by Matt Holt and Bob Boland. Bob Boland joined Penn State University as the Athletics Integrity Officer in the summer of 2017. In this current role, he works to ensure the athletics department is meeting all university standards, NCCA standards, and Big Ten standards related to integrity, ethics, staff and student conduct, and student welfare. Together, Holt & Boland discuss concerns of athletic integrity, data, information & oversight, best practices for institutions, sports gambling on college campuses, and the issues that lie ahead for colleges and universities.

3. Working With Regulators with Bob Boland and Karl Bennison

“Working with Regulators” is led by Bob Boland and Karl Bennison. Together they discuss best practices for colleges and universities when faced with suspicious athletic contests, applicable laws in sports bribery, collegiate and regulator partnerships, communicating with regulators, consideration across state lines, and how to approach investigations and advising.

4. The Desk of a Compliance Officer with Bob Boland

In “Desk of a Compliance Officer”, Bob Boland shares his experience as Athletics Integrity Officer at Penn State University. The position, the first of its kind, was created in August 2012 in an agreement with the NCAA, Big Ten and Penn State. It was charged with oversight and reporting of internal and external investigations into athletics. Boland chairs the University’s Athletics Integrity Council, a group that brings together senior administrators and faculty to review matters related to athletics and reports to the Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer and the Board of Trustees. In this module, Boland discusses building collegiate compliance, managing issues of integrity, and his lessons learned while working in collegiate oversight.

5. The Impact on Collegiate Administratorswith Jim Kahler, Mike Hamrick, Jon Steinbrecher, and Sara Slane

In this module, Ohio University’s Director of Sports Gambling Education, Jim Kahler, sits down with Marshall Athletic Director Mike Hamrick and MAC Commissioner Dr. Jon Steinbrecher to discuss the impact of legalized sports gambling on college administrators. Topics include legalized sports gambling’s effects on college athletic departments & conferences, protecting student athletes, and potential partnerships between universities and sports gambling entities. Sara Slane of Slane Advisory wraps up this module by sharing her thoughts on collegiate considerations, including key concerns, incorporating a new integrity program, and advice for newly legalized jurisdictions.

Course Title: SGE201 Sports Gambling Integrity Challenges

Instructor(s): Matt Holt, Karl Bennison, Bob Boland, Jim Kahler, Mike Hamrick, Sara Slane, Jon Steinbrecher

Format & Length: Self-Paced, 5 Modules, 10 Hours

Instructional Video: 29 Videos, 2.5 Hours

Course Resources: Videos, Podcasts, Closed Captioning, Lecture Transcriptions, Articles, PDF Guidebook, Interactive Activities

Credential Earned: Certificate of Completion from Ohio University's AECOM Center for Sports Administration

Price: $199

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Earn a certificate from Ohio University’s AECOM Center for Sports Administration for completing each course and a Master Certificate for achieving all three. Complete your coursework anywhere in the world with EDLumina’s online education platform. Each class features high-quality video lectures and activities, interactive assessments, downloadable resources, and functionality on any computer or smart device. Certification from our Sports Gambling Education program prepares you for future challenges related to sports gambling and demonstrates your commitment to integrity, compliance, and awareness.

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