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SGE402 - Interpreting Fantasy Law, Compliance, and Regulations

Guidance for the offering and participation in fantasy sports is set by laws, regulations, and compliance requirements, but these can be difficult to understand and even harder to interpret. Fantasy sports enthusiasts are usually well-versed in their specific game's nuances but may not be as knowledgeable about how those laws apply to them. Discover how laws, legal cases, and regulations have shaped the fantasy sports industry.

This course is developed in partnership with the Fantasy Sports & Gaming Association FSGA and led by members & honorees of the FSGA: Glenn Colton, Partner at Arent Fox, Government Enforcement/White Collar and Sports Practices; Stacey Brandenburg, ZwillGen Shareholder; Sean Ostrow, Public Policy Contractor at Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe; Stacie Stern, Government Affairs Director at FanDuel.

Course Overview & Modules

SGE402:Interpreting Fantasy Law, Compliance, and Regulations is divided into 6 modules that cover how laws, legal cases, and regulations have shaped the fantasy sports industry.

Their discussions will be shared in closed captioned-videos, audio-only podcasts, and written transcriptions of the video lectures. In addition, you will also be able to review downloadable PDFs, visual resources and reading materials.

1. Making the Case for Fantasy Sports: Critical Court Cases

The fantasy sports industry is no stranger to the courtroom, legal setting, or lobbying arena nor are they strangers to success in those environments. The landscape of fantasy sports has changed drastically since its humble beginnings, thanks largely to critical course cases which have made daily fantasy sports legal in many states. This module will provide you with a wealth of knowledge and insight regarding landmark court cases as well as what battles the industry still finds itself fighting.

2. The Varying Dimensions of State Regulations

Are fantasy sports regulated by federal law or local jurisdictions? Can a fantasy sports company operate in both Minnesota and Virginia as long as they have a solid business plan? Who oversees and regulates the games within each state? The truth of the matter is that fantasy sports regulations are not a “one-size-fits-all” piece of legislation and fantasy sports operators must be familiar with each state’s regulators if they want to compete

3. Weathering the Elements of Skill and Chance

The great debate of skill vs chance is one that the fantasy sports industry has had to debate on a state-by-state basis, winning more debates than they’ve lost. In this section, get familiar with terms like predominant element of skill, material element of skill, and any element of skill while engaging yourself in this fascinating argument.

4. The Right of Publicity. Who Owns the Public?

Fantasy sports enthusiasts, game operators, and those behind the scenes, all rely on player data and real-time player stats to make daily fantasy sports a thriving game and exciting contest. But, can fantasy sports operators incorporate real player data into their for-money games or do players have the exclusive right to their skill and performance? In this module, you’ll be engaged in this conversation and learn about an explosive court case that helped save the fantasy sports industry!

5. The C.P.A.’s of Fantasy Sports: Consumers, Protections and Advertising

Thanks to champions of the industry and advanced technology, the fantasy sports ecosystem has grown at an unprecedented rate. In 2021, the global fantasy sports market was a $22.31 billion dollar industry with at least 59 million players worldwide. Needless to say, regulations are necessary to protect consumers, operators, and the entire fantasy sports industry. In this module, you will be challenged to think about consumer protection measures, what constitutes legal advertising, and the formation of terms and conditions that protects all interested parties.

6. Entering the Industry: Is There Space for You?

In this very exciting module, sports talk show host and attorney, Glenn Colton, gives a very candid interview about the future of fantasy sports. Ever wonder what is on the fantasy sports horizon or how to get your foot into the industry door?

Course Title: SGE402 Interpreting Fantasy Law, Compliance, and Regulations

Instructor(s): Stacey Brandenburg, Glenn Colton, Sean Ostrow, Stacie Stern

Format & Length: Self-Paced, 6 Modules, 8 Hours

Instructional Video: 15 Videos, 90 Minutes

Course Resources: Videos, Podcasts, Closed Captioning, Lecture Transcriptions, Articles, PDF Guidebook, Interactive Activities

Credential Earned: Certificate of Completion from Ohio University's AECOM Center for Sports Administration

Price: $1,325

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“We are actively trying to work with legislatures, regulators, industry experts, accountants, lawyers, to help them educate about the industry because we want to do this the right way.” - Peter Schoenke, Rotowire Founder & President, FSGA Board Member


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